India has always been renowned all over the world for its saints and mahatma and their virtuousness. One such distinctionary saint is Swami Shri Girishanand ji saraswati maharaj. Swami Ji was born at the Hamirpur district in Uttar Pradesh, India in the year ……..
You left home at the age of 15 due to the demise of your parents. For the next few years you stayed and served Ma Gayatri’s devotee the great pietist Baba Roti Ram ji Maharaj and your fearless and bold personality had an indelible impression on you. Baba Roti Ram ji then sent you for further studies, to the great glorified soul Swami Shri Akhandanandji Saraswati (……………..) popularly known as Bade maharaj ji and the one who sighted Lord Krishna, to the pious soil of Vrindavan .Under the guidance of Bade maharaj ji you completed your studies and slowly the piety of Bade maharaj also reflected as a part of your personality.
Under the guidance of Bade Maharaj ji you had a chance to meet many great personalities such as “Manas marmagya” (the mind reader) Pandit Ramkinkar ji upadhyay,”virakth shiromani” (the supreme eluded) shri Vaamdev Maharaj ji and “Vrindavan gaurav” (the honor of Vrindavan) Shri Satyanand ji Maharaj, you attained the knowledge of “Mahapuran Shrimad Bhagwat” from Pandit Shri Dwarkaprasad ji Shastri and “Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta” from the eluded saint Shri Ravi Puri Mauni ji Maharaj. Amongst the Upanishads “Shri Mandukyopanishad” remains as your favorite text.
For the last 25 years you have stayed at Bade Maharaj ji’s Anand Vrindavan Ashram at the pious land of Vrindavan where you have devoted yourself to the service and worship of God. After being urged by your followers you have also established an Ashram”Saket dhaam” at River Narmada’s coast  at the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur where holy and spiritual festivals are held throughout the year under the blessings of Baba Kalyaandaas ji Maharaj .
You are a reclusive saint under the Shankaracharya tradition. After being a celibate for years you attained Sanyasa (Renunciation), you have been delivering your preachings for the last 25 years. Your teachings and interviews are a common routine on Doordashan broadcast.
You consider Bade Maharaj ji as your spiritual guru, Lord Rama-Seeta as parents and Lord Krishna as your best friend.
You are a wonderful and unique interpreter as well as orator of the Mahapuran “Shrimadbhagwat”. ”Shrimadbhagwat gyan katha yagya” has been organized successfully by your followers at many places in India and abroad too.
You have a huge disciple assemblage throughout the nationOne mentionable fact here is that you show no differences amongst your followers and all get sanctified by just being with you be it rich or poor.